How to install a roll cage.

I was able to borrow a rotisserie to make things easier, I welded up all the seams on the chassis stronger. To be sure a chassis plate would have been the preferred method of installing the cage, so that you are positive the car is flat, but we made do with the rotisserie and a lot of levels.
I received the cage from Summit racing, here’s what it looked like out of the box.
Holes were drilled in the floor and then 1/8 inch plates were installed, the reason for the holes will be apparent later. Then the tubing was “tack welded” onto the plates. Straps were used to hold the tubing in place during this process.
Once the cage was tacked together, the 1/8 plates were removed and the cage dropped through the floor in order to weld the tops of the bars.
Then the cage was raised back up, the plates reinstalled and gussets added.
The details were added and the entire structure painted in a green self- etching primer.
Tabs were then added to attaché the cage to the “A” and “B” pillars to strengthen the entire body of the car.