Installing jack plates

It’s nice to be able to jack the car up without it bending in half, unfortunately, with the advent of uni-body construction this is becoming harder everyday.
In the case of the mustang it already had a roll cage and subframe connectors, so the logical solution was to add jack plates under the roll bar attachments.

Found some 1/8 plates and welded small bits of round tubing to them, this keeps the jack from slipping off.
The correct area of the car, under the roll bar attachment, and encompassing the pinch weld, this will allow the 1/8 plate to not only act as a “doubler” ..adding strength to the roll bar but adding strength to the uni-body as well.
Tacked in place to check location.
The inside of the cut circle is welded to the floor, then the small round jack support is welded in as well.
And the finished product...