Installing a fuel cell…(used)

I located a spun fuel cell to use in the car, most racing organizations now require a different type of cell, one that collapses, so this type may not be legal for your car, however, the install is basically the same.

I first cleaned up the cell that I was going to use then located some 1 inch square bar for the bracket.
I drilled the 1 inch bar stock to match the holes in the cell “can”, then I welded nuts to the bottom of the stock so that the same screws that held the “can” together, also attached it to the car.

Finished fuel cell, now to install it….

The space in the trunk floor was located and all the insulation was removed, it is important to mount the cell a slow as possible, however, most  race organizations will not allow it to be mounted lower than the suspension…..for obvious reasons.
I then welded the bar so it fit tightly around the cell, this is because we are going to us the bracket to not only hold the cell in, but hold it together as well.
The hole was cut, tight to the cell, the brackets made and the cell installed, it is fairly high in order to get access to the suspension, which, in this car is independent.
And finished, flush with the trunk floor for added protection.