Low buck coil over install

This car will be using the Granatelli front subframe (also known as a ”K” member and coil over shocks).
The immediate issue is that most coil over systems are designed to work with the more expensive shocks….Koni, Bilstein..etc, but we’re low buck guys so we need to make these work with a set of….wait for it……Monroes.
The second issue is that the springs fit like crap, so, after looking at the options, I decided it was the spring that needed the help, so we “relieved” the area around the top of the spring.
This pic shows the spring and how it was “relieved” to fit the adjuster.
The finished product.
I had to do it to both ends of the spring.
This is why your coil over setup won’t work with lo buck shocks or struts , in this case, there is a small tab on the strut that the spring indexes on, most shocks it’s not there…
And now it is…a small tab was fabricated from scrap and welded to the strut, now, and this is important, you CANNOT weld it to the tube, it will damage the strut. It is actually welded to the strut brace. All the tab does is index the shock. So tacking it is sufficient.